Use YesByCash to buy purchase credits without a bank card!

Paris, 6 January 2014 – Starting today, consumers can now pay cash for purchase credits to shop on one of the biggest e-commerce sites with total peace of mind.

Security, simplicity and pleasure are the watchwords of this new service provided by TSI via its YesByCash offer. We already knew about YesByCash, the unprecedented payment solution that lets consumers pay cash for Internet purchases. And now, to enable customers to buy gift codes without a bank card, TSI is giving consumers the ability to purchase codes that can be used to order anything from the number one e-retailer (excluding gift cards).

The advantage? Now it is a breeze to shop online safely without ever disclosing your bank account details.

How does it work?

1 – Log on to the TSI My-E money Purse shop and enter the purchase code amount that is identical to order total in your shopping cart, to the penny.

2 – Choose the YesByCash payment solution. Next you will receive a bar code via e-mail so you can pay for your order at a store.

3 – Now all you do is go to one of the 5,600 local payment partner locations (tobacconist, news-stand, convenience store, etc.) with your bar code to pay cash for your purchase code.

4 – As soon as the money is handed over, you will instantly receive your purchase code by e-mail. Complete your order on the site and pay for it by entering your purchase code.

Simple and fast: thanks to YesByCash, now you can pay for purchases on without a bank card!