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They talk about us

  • Mathieu, age 31

    Mathieu, age 31

    After two attempts to pay with my bank card were declined, I was given the option to use YesByCash to complete my order. Without YesByCash, I would’ve had to call my bank to pay through the site. I went to the tobacconist next to my flat with the bar code and I paid for the transaction, then my order was delivered a few days later to my home.

  • Émilie, age 19

    Émilie, age 19

    I make a lot of purchases online, but I’m often sceptical about the trustworthiness of certain sites. Using a payment system that is separate from the site and paying at a trusted shop is reassuring.

  • Karim, age 42

    Karim, age 42

    I was a victim of Internet fraud and YesbyCash restores my trust in online payments. It’s fast and easy to use and, most importantly, no matter where I am, I can choose from a large number of shops to pay.